Our names are Jennifer and Floreal, both born and bred in the UK, now, many years and experiences later, settled in Spain.

Jennifer Sarduy

English teacher, PGCE, TEFL;Cambridge speaking examiner; English proofreader/editor; MFL teacher,French and German, B.A.(Hons)Psychology; Diploma in Person-Centred Counselling; Bereavement Counselling; Mentoring teenagers; Family Therapy; Published Author


Having taught English in Egypt for ten years, then returning to the UK for 17 years, teaching the full Primary curriculum and then French and German and Psychology at secondary level, I took time out to write a couple of books which were published in 2004 and 2006 respectively. They did well, so I moved to France in semi-retirement for a few years, until spreading my wings further south, accepting a teaching job at Colegio Inglés, Zaragoza in 2008. With the exception of a couple of years in Cataluña, I have been here ever since. I met Floreal in 2009, we married only last year, 2016 and English Immersion weekends are now our focus. What motivates us? 8 years helping Spanish students prepare for their English exams has led me to believe they benefit massively from total immersion. Selective attention, repetition, revision, constant interaction, self-correction and developmental intervention within a small, like-minded group, ensures maximum learning and retention. Two days does wonders for confidence-boosting, stretching and pushing personal boundaries, never achievable within the dynamic of a 3 hour/2 session schedule at an academy or language school. Learning objectives are revamped and revised and you leave us with the taste of success in your mouth, eager to share your knowledge once back into your weekly routine in class.

Floreal Figuerola

Cambridge speaking examiner, multi-level Masseur.

floreal photo

With 50 years of massage experience behind me, and a full career as an airline mechanic or ‘flying spanner’, I am now supposedly retired. In reality, I am a Cambridge Speaking examiner, a job I really enjoy, and this is the part I play in the Immersion weekends. I also practise massage and help with the logistics of the weekends to provide optimum comfort for every guest. During the weekends, among the ohsomany hours of English, there are in fact 4 hours of free time, during which guests can book a consultation/massage with me, if suffering from any muscular ailment, large or small. We are both believers in the connection of mind and body, i.e. a healthy body enables a healthy mind. Everyone welcome for a consult, subject to appointment.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? Well don’t believe everything you read.
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